A Service Company

DATACOLLECTION-TOOLS.COM is not an .asp or a "do it yourself" faceless website. We are a full service company that can assist you with your research project in the following areas:

We will:

  • assist you in the development of your questionnaire
  • do the work to get it published on the web,
  • send out the initial invitations
  • monitor the data collection servers 24 hours a day
  • track your response rates
  • manage your reminders
  • handle all technical support from respondents
  • export your final results

  • In other words, we do what we do best so that you are free to do what you do best.


    The DATACOLLECTION-TOOLS.COM team represents close to 60 years of talent in the engineering, computer programming, human factors psychology, and computer interface design fields. All of our software has been developed inhouse, by our own staff, and is constantly being upgraded based on client demand.

    Future Goals

    Working closely with PrecisionReports.com, we have made significant inroads into the association industry, providing many of the most prestigous associations with their membership information, election management, and convention roomblock/attrition management.

    DATACOLLECTION-TOOLS.COM is also providing datacollection services to many of the nations top research firms. Looking forward, we intend to continue refinment of our existing technologies, development of new data collection technologies, and continued expansion of our quickly growing client base.

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